Aldridge School of Creative Parking

Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care, then prove it by parking like this.


2014-03-21 16.37.07

What’s not to like about this?

  • Double Yellow Lines.
  • Occupying more than half the pavement
  • There’s a lamp post in the middle of the bit you left!
    • Try getting past with a pushchair… you’d need to walk around the car, which means negotiating the driveway onto the actual Tesco car park. That’s dangerous, sure, but possible. After all, adults pushing a pushchair are taller than the car and have full range of motion to check behind and around them.
    • Try doing it in a wheelchair then. We have at least three or four folks living close enough to use the store who are in a chair, and most are powered chair-users who can be on their own. Some of them can’t glance behind them quickly because they don’t have the option. All of them would have to look through the parked car to check for traffic, not over it. All of them deserve better than this.

The yellow lines are there for the safety and benefit of the locals, including hundreds of local schoolchildren and those who need a bit more than “squeeze past” room to manoeuvre. Sure, it’s just a minute, and you’ve parked well off the road to cause the minimum inconvenience to other road users, but there are problems you haven’t thought about and so we’re left with this. If you want to park here, ensure it’s appropriate and show your blue badge. We have no issue with drivers who must park close by. Otherwise, please take the time to find a decent spot to park and take the extra few seconds to walk to the shop in safety.

3 Responses to Aldridge School of Creative Parking

  1. peter says:

    Selfish Arrogant, Lazy just couldn’t care less attitude, if people got out of bed a bit earlier or tried not to watch Jeremy Kyle to see if any of their relations are on there, then this sort of thing wouldn’t happen! Have you shown the image to the Police or Local Council, parking contraventions are generally made these days by Camera and not in person anyway, is there any CCTV locally?
    Incidentally the fact that somebody has a blue badge doesn’t allow them to break the law!

    • Pete, so far as I recall, a blue badge holder has a right to park on yellows provided they are parking without causing an obstruction and they’re subject to a time limit.

      Fair play, if you warrant a blue badge, I’m not going to begrudge you a better parking spot.

      As for the authorities, I don’t know if the image is admissible because there are no time and date details, and frankly I’m not into shopping people to be fined and punished.

  2. peter says:

    Hi Andy, Not sure about the Blue Badge thing and parking on Double Yellow lines, maybe one of your other commentators knows better!
    Blue Badges seem to be given out like the morning after pill by Club 18-30 holiday reps these days, fair play if you have trouble walking then why not park a little closer to the shops, what I begrudge is Blue Badge holders who get free parking!!! Are all disabled people poor? I don’t think so.
    The abuse that Blue Badges get is beyond control these days and a radical overhaul of the system is needed.
    Personally, the car in your photograph, I’d shop them in quicker than I could take the photo in the first place, mind you they’d find it difficult to drive off with no wheels.

    All the best……….


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