Independence Day for Books in Walsall

How many independent book retailers are there in Walsall?  Not many I can think of, although I’m certain there are some somewhere. That’s the trouble if I’m honest about this. I don’t have the time to go looking for shops unless I know they’re there, and I usually just look up a book on Amazon if I want it. I’m not given to browsing through shelves of books. It’s a dying art when my phone can tell me everything about the book (well, the bits that make it to Wikipedia, anyway).

Great news for people like me who are bookish but not bookshoppish. A NEW ONE IS COMING!

Southcart Boks Logo

Southcart Books will be opening next month in Lower Hall Lane, just up the road from my perennial haunt The Black Country Arms. This is great news. Scott Carter will be opening up shop to provide new and used books, special and first editions, and all the extras you’d hope for.

I’m told he’s even planning a coffee machine in there once the revenue permits, and I’m already angling to have a Dischord gig in there among the shelves. Given the location, I’m also looking forward to the sensation of buying a book, wandering down the road to the BCA and having a pint or two while I make a decent start on it, late on a summer’s day when I’ve nothing better to be doing.

Scott’s a lovely bloke to speak to via Twitter too. You can find out more by following @SouthcartBooks and getting to know him.


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