Music Theory – “Core” or “Chore”?

I’m founding a school. Not that I really have that much to teach to established musicians, but I’d like to work with those who are a bit younger and less fixed in their ways.

I want to teach them about music theory – that boring exam everyone who wants to go from good to great must pass at one point or another.


Specifically, I want to be able to teach younger musicians that it’s OK to take some time to learn the underlying principles because it gives you the confidence to create your own music and to decide which of the rules are essential, which are flexible, and which can be safely broken. Good understanding of music history and theory expand on and complement the practical musicianship so many of our young people¬†already have in abundance.

On Thursday May 8th, at the Mapseeker Studio in Aldridge, I’ll be there from 7:00pm for an hour. We’ll be ¬†explaining the school, the curriculum and the core principles at work behind it. The primary aim is to create opportunities for developing musicians. Secondarily, we’re trying to have some fun tackling the subject.

You’re all more than welcome to pop down and have a look, of course.


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