Triathlon Complete

I completed the Walsall Triathlon on Sunday. The aches and pains after weren’t as bad as they may have been, and I seem to have turned in a decent swim time even if overall I was last but one. I still got round though: finished a few seconds under the mentally significant two hour mark. Not bad, for a first timer.


Honestly, it’s not about competing or even setting a personal best (now I have a target to aim for, right?) but so much more about being able to tackle this in the first place. I can swim well enough and am blessed with a reach like a gibbon, but I’m hardly streamlined or inclined to hilly cycle routes. I am much less built for running, but I managed to haul my carcass round the Oak Park field five times. That’s the first and last time I do a triathlon.

It’s simply the next logical step in my continuous mission to move more and be less heavy.

In March 2013 I began to attend the Walsall Arboretum Parkrun, slowly getting better at completing a 5km run and enjoying the camaraderie it engenders. I completed my 39th Parkrun this weekend, the morning before the triathlon. I’ve become fitter and stronger than I was, and even taken on the Aldridge 10K last week. I can feel the benefits of all this exercise over time.

The moral of the story is that I should have got myself out of my armchair a decade ago and got on with this. Yes, I was last but one in the triathlon, but I did it. I quite literally have the T-shirt. Join me next time?


3 Responses to Triathlon Complete

  1. You’re doing incredibly well. Congratulations

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