Social Reach

I noticed a few weeks ago I was approaching 300 followers on Twitter. Knowing that these things vary day to day, I’ve waited until I’m fairly certain it’s remaining above 300 before declaring the number a fixture.

Peversely, I’m about to block and dump a fair number of followers on the basis that they are clearly bots or enthusiastic social media professionals based in Texas or some place else where the chance of actually meeting up for a coffee is seriously limited.

That’s not to say I think social media is only an add-on to physical interaction. It’s not. I have occasional Twitter chats with all sorts of people who I’d never normally have met and/or don’t see enough of in real life. It’s good.

I’m simply against professionals who are chasing numerical success following me so we appear on each others’ statistics. And I suppose if you haven’t taken the trouble to engage me except by following, I mean you too. Not the individuals – you’re welcome to observe for whatever reason – but the corporates who clearly don’t have a personal interest in me.

Recently I fielded a call from someone wanting to meet me for a coffee. Unfortunately they placed this coffee in the context of them getting to know a whole host of people better. That’s not how to get me to have coffee with you. Take an interest in me. Be interesting. Both, if you manage that.

So having reached 300, I’m about to engage in a gentle but firm culling exercise.

Before I do, however, I have a duty to perform. Gregory Fenton was my 300th follower, and I promised him a poem. So here it is:

The 300

Followers from across the globe,

Trotters in the communal trough…

Banter, wit, politics and if that’s not enough to put you off,

Opinion to grate against the soul and beg correction.

Not that arguing ever brought perfection.

Some users aren’t even social.

Like Borg, resistance is futile. Or at least too painful to be worth the effort.

Every voice individual but speaking through the collective as one.

But Gregory Fenton gets an honourable mention,

For rounding me out to three ton.


2 Responses to Social Reach

  1. Gyn Barratt says:

    Great poem; now how about an arrangement of your favorite piece of music for The Doorknobs!!

  2. Peter says:

    Whats twitter?

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