Cycling Cross Country

I’m going to do something foolish for charity. After 18 months running, I’ve tackled a couple of 10K runs, a triathlon, and now I’m feeling a bit ambitious. So…

On August 13th, 2015 I’ll be travelling North with a team of like minded folks to prepare for a three day cyling tour.

In aid of Kids UK, we’re cycling from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. It’s nearly 150 miles to be tackled over three days, starting in Whitehaven on Friday morning and finishing at Tynenouth by Sunday afternoon.

Obviously, it’s a bit of a challenge for a gentleman of my more rotund persuasion, so I’ve borrowed a road bike to begin training. We have eleven months to pull ourselves together, decide whether we can live with lycra and generally prepare. My good friend and drinking companion Pete is in on this one, and as his blog indicates, he’s done this kind of thing before.


Me and my bike, and some innocent bystanders.

These are real hills we’re tackling (as opposed to the tame kind in, say, Norfolk), and although I’m a bit nervous we’ll be doing a couple of training runs next year to ensure we’re fully aware of the kind of horrors it might entail.

There are twelve places on the team. Six are spoken for or pencilled in by enthusiastic amateurs. The other six are (for now) up for grabs. E-mail me if you want in. There is a minimum fundraising expectation, from which the Coast to Coast tour fees will be paid.

If you’d prefer to sponsor me to do it and feel good about the challenge without having to actually get on your bike, you’re also welcome to e-mail me. Offers of gigs for charitable fundraising etc are all welcome. My Mum’s sponsoring me, so I’m off to the best of all possible starts.

Photo by Rocket Ron via Flickr:


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