Kicking and Screaming

I’ve finally sold out and bought an Apple device from which I hope to do much more writing and business management in the fullness of time. Also, it’s an opportunity to part with some of the cash I may be able to earn from my new job.

First things first…

I bought a mini iPad. It’s not one of the fancy ones, it’s just the bog standard entry level model. What elevates this iPad to genius status is that I’ve paired a bluetooth keyboard with it and now I can write to my heart’s content without the weight of a laptop or the perennial concerns over battery life and bright screens only a few inches from my face. Now I can type on a lightweight keyboard while the screen is propped up on a nearby bit of furniture, then proofread my error riddled copy onscreen at my leisure.

Secondly, the new job thing. I’m delighted to be able to say I have a new job which begins this week in Walsall, working on a temporary basis for the Council with local businesses. Not much more to say in a personal capacity, but locals may find that my name begins to crop up in connection with other things online and I’m very pleased to have been given this opportunity.
So, that’s the news. New tech, on which I’m typing this very post, and new post, which is the reason I have bitten the bullet and bought the tech.


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