Vive la difference!

After my recent mini-rant over the poor quality of BHS Christmas shopping I feel it’s time to make it clear I’m not entirely made of humbugs.

Out and about this afternoon I noticed something rather wonderful in the Boundary Mill Stores. Tinsel, tree lights, wreaths, and all things slightly tacky but eminently festive. Well done folks, you’ve done yourselves proud. Plenty of stuff I’d actually consider buying. In December. Or maybe late November. But at least I now know all this is here.



You can almost taste the contrast with our Swedish homewares store. IKEA have celebratory goods in abandon. Plenty of Christmassy items in the warehouse by the checkouts, but also this small selection in the marketplace.


This is great. This is how I want things done. Neither store is expected to be selling festive tat, and neither are, but the selection is more or less in keeping with the rest of the store and it’s pleasantly arrayed to attract the eye rather than crammed in on temporary metal shelving which clearly sees use only from October to December every year.

I’m ranting again, but in a relieved way because I now have a couple of places where I think i would actually enjoy shopping.


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