Check your change and receipt

After a big shop today we loaded up the car and came home with a very expensive shop. A quick look at the receipt reveals why: one 99p item put through as 99 items.

99 of an item at 99p (one line on the receipt) gives you a cost of £98.01

In a large shop including a new kettle and lots of bits and pieces for the new year it added a hundred quid to our bill. Sure, it was expensive, but everything is these days, right? Not so. I assume the cashier typed in the price and then scanned it by accident.

I’m very unhappy that Morrissons don’t have a multiple item limit. Even a warning message to ask if the cashier really means “99 of” would have saved us this bother. How many things in a supermarket do you usually buy more than 20 of at once? Like toilet rolls, there are pack sizes to suit all needs so you just pick up a bigger pack if you need to.

Enough of this rant. Tomorrow we’ll see what Morrissons have to say and hopefully get our £97.02 back.

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