3 hours 51 minutes 11 seconds

3 hours 51 minutes 11 seconds

Today I completed my first half marathon.

tl:dr I did sports. Equal parts exhausted; astonished; smug as.

2015-02-14 13.07.17

There’s running a half marathon, and then there’s running a half marathon over canal towpaths, river banks, trails and muddy fields. I opted for this slightly more heavy duty version.

I don’t think I’ll ever do this event again. The muddy sections were hard going and I’m a heavy chap with a realistic fear of falling badly if I lose my footing. The distance is the longest I’ve ever run (apart from the mud, where I walked – carefully!) and I felt exhausted.

Why did I do it then? Because it was there, really. I didn’t tell many people beforehand because I feared I might not be ready in time or bottle it. It wasn’t done lightly, certainly, but I was worried about my ability to compete and complete.

I’ve recently had a new running shirt printed up with my philosophy of sport. TWENTYSIX11 is a verse in Proverbs. I reckon today joins the list of ill advised sporting challenges I’ve already tackled and lined up for later this year.

2015-02-14 13.08.13There was a shirt for me to celebrate completing the course, and a medal, and a goody bag too. I even won a spot prize of a Broadmeadow Runs towel. Chris Seeney really knows how to put on these events. The course may have been a bit of a nightmare for me, but it was exactly as advertised and his directions were faultless. I confess I’d checked the course on Google Maps in advance to get a good idea of the route. Just because this isn’t my thing doesn’t mean it couldn’t be yours. If you fancy a serious challenge over these distances, I’d highly recommend this run.

Many thanks to Chris and his team of awesome volunteers. I’m surprised I managed it to be frank, and quite self satisfied now it’s over.

Now I’m going to retire to bed and hope my knees are still talking to me in the morning.

2015-02-14 13.08.07


One Response to 3 hours 51 minutes 11 seconds

  1. I like your sporting philosophy –

    Prov 26:11

    Very post-marathon-esque 🙂

    You do say at the beginning it’s your ‘first half-marathon’. Good luck with the rest.

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