Use your vote to Protest. Vote… Tory?

It’s been over a month since my last post, because things have been rather busy. I will get round, at some point, to getting back on here.

Today, however, I have a remarkable message for voters in Aldridge-Brownhills.

Vote Tory.

Or not, the choice is yours. However, we stand on the edge of a precipice. Sir Richard has stepped down to enjoy his retirement. He’s held the seat continuously since before I was born and a new Conservative candidate has been selected right out of central casting. I’m not even sure I can recall her name without Googling it.

What worries me is the righteous backlash of voters who reasonably expect their prospective Parliamentarian to be at least familiar with the local area. This has not been lost on UKIP who have appointed local chap Anthony Thompson to run for them. There’s some gratuitous promotion here in the local press.

I don’t know if Thompson actually dwells within the constituency boundaries, but he has a West Midlands background and takes a good photo and he’ll do well in the warm impression left by a vocally right wing Eurosceptic MP who is famous for speaking his mind rather than following the whims of the whips.

Our constituency is full of right leaning voters with an expectation that their MP will be a bit of a maverick. Dyed in the wool Conservative voters of the old school may well find a local male candidate from a party which aims to upset the status quo and take us out of Europe a bit more palatable when compared to a woman from elsewhere transparently parachuted in from Conservative HQ to toe the party line.

We could sleepwalk into being another of the first UKIP seats in the country.

I’m against tactical voting in principle but frankly until this election a vote for anyone but the incumbent was a wasted pencil mark anyway. I’m now in the perverse position of wondering if voting for the new boss (not quite the same as the old boss) isn’t a wise move.

Please note, I won’t be telling you how I intend to vote or have voted any time soon. I believe in secret balloting… But it’s damned scary to think what could happen come May.


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