Big Ears

I have been equipping my motor with new wing mirrors.

The old ones were cracked and one had been broken following poor treatment at the hands of a passing pedestrian and, more to the point, rather small compared to the bulky van body. It seems back in the 1990s it was fashionable to tone down the commercial vehicle styling when producing an MPV from a van, and smaller car-style wing mirrors were the order of the day.

2015-05-07 16.45.16

After a little fiddling around, I detached the old unit and installed a brand new commercial one designed for the Peugeot Expert Mk1 and E7 Taxi.

2015-05-07 16.53.11

Now I can see. I can see perfectly. Huge tea plate sized mirrors on both doors now give me expansive vistas of where I’ve come from. It’s much more convenient and I feel considerably safer whether reversing into spaces or knowing where motorcyclists are as they approach to overtake.

It also gives my motor a slightly more elephantine bearing. A bit of the Prince of Wales about its look. We are most definitely amused.


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