Pushing my Luck

I tackled the Aldridge 10K again this weekend, and much to my disappointment I was actually slower than last year. This must be because I was pushing my luck all the way round.

2015-06-14 12.28.01a

Lessons learned here include these priceless gems:

  1. I need to run regularly to cope with longer courses. Having a couple of weeks off to rest up my hip wasn’t conducive to taking on a 6 mile run.
  2. Hobs Hole Lane is surprisingly steep in places and quite long. Very long, in point of fact. And the climb is relentless. I ran this last year. Surely I would have remembered?
  3. Heat is a killer. I ran in the hottest bit of the day, often in direct sun. I shan’t draw you a picture. I’ve already posted up a photograph of me rehydrating.
  4. Beer is poor anaesthetic. However, you care less about the pain, which is good.
  5. Wear sunscreen.

I shall be returning to form as soon as my thighs start talking to me again.


One Response to Pushing my Luck

  1. stymaster says:

    Beer no good as an anaesthetic? You need stronger, or more, beer.

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