Finnish on a song

I’m in Panto. Oh yes I am.

The rather wonderful Cart Before the Horse crew are staging “Soup from a Sausage Skewer” at the Bookmark Theatre in Bloxwich this Sunday. Our first performances were last weekend and we have two left to come.

Those familiar with the Ĺ“uvre of Hans Christian Anderson will be truly astonished at the treatment his fairy tale gets in this outing, but everything turns out well eventually.

I’m providing some musical accompaniment on piano and tuba, while a cast of amateurs from the local community strut their stuff. They are ably aided by a troupe of local schoolchildren, and the show lasts a couple of pleassant hours with only the finest innuendo, cameos and jokes about the countries of northern Europe. Oh yes, as the poet says “There’s a proper dust up in Denmark lately.”

Do drop by if you have the mind to. More details are available in this Bloxwich Telegraph article.

Pantomime! Even when it’s all laid out in front of you, it’s behind you!


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