No Dice – a whole new game

For the last couple of years I’ve had an idea rolling around my head based on developing dominoes and adding elements from card games my brothers and I played when we were young(er). It’s essentially a three part domino design on hexagonal cards and a variety of matching rules to score points each turn. I found a supplier who prints custom decks and ordered one to play around with.

2015-06-13 19.03.32a

Jimm, Chris, Mike and Scott giving their seal of approval. MNA Gaming Store in Walsall.

It’s a good game. It’s easy to learn and easy to play and my sons are already beating me at it. It’s genuinely a game I’d take on holiday for rainy days, or down the pub for amusement to accompany light refreshment.

After a few months developing a working prototype I’m at the point of pushing it out to a Kickstarter. So far so good. What’s blown me away is the support of friends and acquaintances preparing and shaping the project. Mike Guest and Jimm Rennie have worked hard with me preparing a promo video for the project, filmed in my parents’ dining room on mobile phones. All of my sons and many of my close friends helped to develop it and I’m grateful for the help.

The artwork is basic but I like the minimalist design and with a little work it will be exactly what we need. With options to suit most pockets on the Kickstarter and a limited edition T-shirt it will shortly be a case of sitting back and seeing what the Internet makes of it.

I will of course be posting again here once the Kickstarter is live, and hoping people show interest.

No Dice Logo


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