Around and around, up and down.

Next weekend I’m embarking on the single most inadvisable sports-related thing I have ever attempted. In the space of three days a team of us will cycle from Whitehaven to Tynemouth in aid of Kids UK.

I am to cycling what Bradley Wiggins is to eating pizza and drinking ale. Yes, I like to do it, but it distracts me from my life’s primary calling.

More to the point, I’m carrying at least 20kg in additional bodyweight I don’t really need and that’s going to make hills a challenge in both directions. Getting up them will hurt only slightly less than coming off my bike on a downhill if I let gravity carry me away and lose my nerve.

So why am I even contemplating this lunacy? First off, it’s something quite tough but I’m confident I can tackle it. I really fancy the challenge and look forward to waking up Monday morning knowing that I did it (and had the forethought to book the day off work to recover). Secondly, it’s for charity. I know some of the people who run it and deliver its work in schools. I support their objectives and want to do what I can to help.

If you would like to support me financially, please just let me know via the blog or when you see me next. If you are inclined to a conversation with God, please mention the team, our health and fitness. We’re already a man down due to injury.

I apologise in advance for the deluge of reports and photos which will result once I’ve got my breath back.


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