Holidays are here. (Buy my game)

As a marketing strategy, this doesn’t really cut it, but I’m not Warburtons or John Lewis, (or The Poke) so this is as good as it’s likely to get I’m afraid. I don’t do Thanksgiving, or Black Friday sales, and I have a non-existent marketing budget.

And it’s not like I’m totally sold on selling you stuff. Except maybe my game No Dice, which is now available via eBay. There, I’ve plugged it. We’re done.

Except we’re not really. There’s some really cool stuff going on locally which is festive and friendly and open to people.

  • Ales Beers and Carols – a bit of a cheat, this one. I’m organising it. Nonetheless, a fantastic opportunity to sing carols and drink beer.
  • Aldridge Arts have a number of events coming up, including more carolling, this time on buses from the Aston Manor Road Transport Museum!
  • Aldridge Advent Adventure – Spot an Aldridge theme here? Actually, we’re carolling there too, but the wider event is a Walsall Council and Village Partnership do. The Aldridge Village Business Partnership Facebook page has info on this on more events.
  • Streetly Christmas Market is coming to Wm. Wheat & Son on the Chester Road. Looks like a lot of fun.

So while it is definitely a time to celebrate (and maybe spend some of your present budget on local suppliers and beer to accompany your carol-singing) it’s also a time to be part of the community and get involved. By all means buy my game (oops, another shameless plug) but come and sing, come and shop, come and be part of it.



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