Chip off the old block

This evening the Doorknobs played another charitable gig in aid of the Aldridge Church Centre building fund, and St James’ Church Mere Green.

My role in these affairs is basically to sit at the back of the band on piano, fulfilling the time-honoured position of chord monkey (assistant chord monkey if a guitarist is present) and filling in with blistering improvisation if there are gaps to fill.

My eldest son sat in with the band on this gig, filling in second tenor sax. He had made a rehearsal and proved his basic competence, but this evening was a massive step for him. His first professional gig. That is, not a school gig or playing in front of his classmates, but a real gig where the band got paid for playing (albeit we donate our fee to charity) Not content with this he picked up the first solo in the opening number. Having nailed that convincingly, he proceeded to play over the first half of the piano solo (mine) and finally sat down with a well earned round of applause.

I’m not in the habit of being outdone by my children. Except maybe over 5K. Tonight was the second time in a week we’d played together and his musicianship was good enough to hold his end up. I’m impressed.

Of course he was then high as a kite with adrenaline at ten o’clock when most sensible young men should be thinking of bed, but I think we’ll let him off this once.


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