True Gritters

Last year, Walsall Council advertised for Snow Champions. People to clear sections of pavement and salt them after snow, for the benefit of the community. I signed up, because I like being useful and it came with a snazzy orange hi-viz vest.

Today at last I was able to put my skills into action, sweep the pathetically small amount of snow off my pavement and lay down some de-icing salt they provided. It’s not as though it took very long, although it was hard work, but it felt like I’d been useful.

The Council get a lot of grief off people who assume the gritters aren’t out at all or are being allocated wrongly, and then there’s a whole host of complaints about services that snow or other weather can impede. And then in their defence, passive aggressive posts on Facebook inviting you to be like Bill who doesn’t engage in oversharing or ranting in public online. But they won’t get much press for sensibly asking the community to help itself and supporting those volunteers.

It’s easy (and enjoyable) to pontificate about stuff from behind a keyboard, like community and doing your bit and so forth.  It’s another thing to put yourself forward. So I went out this morning and did a bit. It was good, not because I can now brag humbly about it on my blog but because I achieved something useful and with a bit of amaretto in my hot chocolate that warm feeling inside is both literal and figurative.

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