Writing about Games, Writing Games to Write About

I’m a massive fan of the Metrozone (Petrovitch) series by Simon Morden, and have read a number of his other books. He’s been a speaker at Greenbelt, which was fun to listen to. On the side column of this blog, you can even see the Freezone flag. Click it to find out more.

So, I was delighted to read recently that he’s invented a new game too.

It seems that writing about a game in a novel was going to be significantly easier if the game really existed, so he invented that too. I’m pleased and insanely jealous of his skills in roughly equal measure.

Image from SimonMorden.com

The book will be available in due course. Simon’s latest book Down Station is only just available for pre-release order (although there is a giveaway competition on GoodReads here too).

The game, however, is a thing in existence and undergoing genuine development. To this end, Simon has launched it officially on his blog and even asked for expressions of interest in buying a copy. I’ve already expressed my interest. A first edition of this game sounds like an excellent investment both from a geeky point of view and because I reckon it’ll be immense fun to play. I love the description of the game, the rubric, and the fact it features in a related work of fiction. That’s one of the attractions of Thud! too.

Please do take a look if game development and unique wonder sound like your thing.


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