A song for Walsall? Fog on the Tame…

it’s all mines, it’s all mines.

Or, “We built this city on rock and holes“…

This is a very brief post to say I saw a diagram this morning of some exclusion zones in the Black Country where we know there are mine workings so close to the surface it’s dangerous to develop the land for any purpose, including storage. That is, presuming you want to find whatever you store there when you come back for it.

Even as a car park, it wouldn’t really work. (picture below taken from BBC news article here)




One Response to A song for Walsall? Fog on the Tame…

  1. I should say, it’s proper science by geology boffins, and not as much of a threat as you might think. Still, glad it’s been researched and mapped so folks can check.

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