Reading for Pleasure

It’s World Book Day. Hurrah! I love reading and I love books.

I’m not on either side of the Kindle debate, having both more books than I should comfortably fit on the available bookshelves and also an e-reader with more to enjoy. But I am a keen advocate of recommendations. And lists of personal favourites.

My most recent acquisition, Down Station, has been a brilliant read and I heartily recommend it to adult readers who like fantasy. I’m holding out for the paperback of Lee Child’s latest, for a slightly more gritty read.

This one. Buy this one.

Whatever you do, make some time for a book today. Go to a local bookshop or a high street retailer, or download something new and give it a whirl. And if you have a recommendation of your own, stick it in the comments – I need inspiration for the next book to pick up.


One Response to Reading for Pleasure

  1. artannacrook says:

    One of my most favourite and completely do-lally genius authors is Jasper Fforde and his Thursday Next series, the first being The Eyre Affair. It’s a completely parallel world that has enough reality to keep you holding on but enough twists to make your head spin. Don’t want to spoil the story line but is an author your won’t regret trying.

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