60 – The new Kickstarter launches with remarkable kick-off

It’s been a while since I risked every ounce of my professional reputation (nothing) on the roll of No Dice, and I’d been working on a new game in the last few months. Finally I managed to get my stuff together and launch this weekend. What a beginning!

60 card back Preview

We went live around six pm on Saturday with a low budget but humorous video short and all original artwork from Natalie at Roseberry Graphics, and by bedtime Sunday we had hit the magic £200 mark. Against a basic target of £300, that’s a stunning start. Holly-Marie Smith (currently working at Eerie Ink on George St) has produced an epic piece of alternative card art if we pass £500 in pledges by Friday May 13th when the campaign draws to a close.

Alt Final

To add to my excitement, the campaign was mentioned in passing on The Final Roll’s First Roll Podcast and we’re likely to be speaking to Matt from offlinegamer.co.uk at Asgard Games next Saturday at the Tabletop Gaming Day event.

Speaking of Asgard, I need to thank Vince for letting me do some filming in his shop a couple of weeks ago so we could assemble the Kickstarter video. Likewise, Scott at Southcart Books.

If that wasn’t enough, I recently sent a copy of No Dice on spec to Toucan Play That, a Youtube game review channel. The review was generally positive, and Michael has expressed interest in reviewing a copy of 60 when he can get his hands on one.

I need hardly add that it’d be great if you could take a look at the Kickstarter page for 60 and consider backing the campaign. I’d really like to get this produced and shipped.


One Response to 60 – The new Kickstarter launches with remarkable kick-off

  1. artannacrook says:

    Andy i love this!!! Especially the concept that it developed as a means to remove the need for duels. Genius. Your talents know no bounds.

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