Tabletop Day 2016

Today is International Tabletop Day. Hurrah! A day to celebrate and join in with gaming which doesn’t necessarily involve a screen. (Note, “Tabletop”, not “desktop”)

I grew up in a family which understood the joy of board and card games, and how it’s sometimes much more about the community around the table than it is about winning. Although to be fair if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to play our Mum at chess, you’ll understand the pain of watching all your strategies evaporate. Actually, she’s pretty lethal at Monopoly, Scrabble, Cleudo, Game of Life, Escape from Colditz, anything at cards, and doubly so at Canasta.

Here are a few things you might consider today, and for the future:

  1. Go to Asgard Games if you’re in Walsall for their Tabletop day. It’s a quid to get in and you can play until 6 to your heart’s content. Vince runs a lovely shop and the community is really quite welcoming.
  2. Go to The Bakehouse (also in Walsall, on Goodall Street) for their day of baking and gaming. They will have pizza and board games more or less on tap all day. That’s until later in the evening and Tom is an experienced gamer who understands the need for clean level surfaces and nuclear strength coffee.
  3. Join a gaming group near you. There’s a great one near me, but as always I never seem to be free on the days they have gaming nights, but that time will come and I’m looking forward to a relaxed atmosphere round someone else’s table playing games with people whose company I enjoy.
  4. Go and support your local gaming store (if you have one. You probably do) by buying a new game. If you’re not sure what to buy, ask them for recommendations or even better you could request a quick demo if they have a play copy in store. If they speak to you in jargon, ask for a translation to English because we’re a friendly bunch but we occasionally forget that not everyone understands all the common gaming terms.
  5. Make your own game. This might take more than a day. I’ve done it. You can even push it as far as publishing the game yourself or putting it on Kickstarter (or similar) if that’s your thing. No Dice was a bit of a success last year, and right now 60 is fully funded on Kickstarter and has two weeks remaining for more people to pledge support. It’s a brilliant feeling to have that your little invention is out there being played.
    No Dice Logo 60 card back Preview
  6. Get your kids involved. The best game I ever helped invent was a Greek legends themed board game which my son made for a school project. It had dice, cards, and Greek hero themed meeple we hand painted and put shields on made out of drawing pins. It was fun to play but just awesome to see it come to life.

Whatever you do today, I hope you have immense fun. And of course I hope you win.


2 Responses to Tabletop Day 2016

  1. Mark Taylor Chameleon Music says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Never knew you were a fellow board gamer when we worked together…first thing I did out of the womb was roll a die! :0)

    I will check out these two games of yours once coursework time of year has faded away – look very interesting. I’m play testing two creations at the moment over in Birmingham…just getting the cards reprinted after the first wave of suggestions from the beta crew! :0)


    • Delighted to have made that connection. I’m not a player of masses of games, more a thinker and inveterate fiddler. But game design is so much fun I can’t resist it.

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