Lights, Cambelt, Retest

Snatching satisfaction from the jaws of expense, I have tonight worked my way through the five items on the failure list from this morning’s MOT and fixed four of them myself. I have used WD40, a flat bladed screwdriver, more WD40, a 20p coin (retaining pegs on the fascia), a soldering iron, and lashings of WD40.

The offside fog lamp now works. The intermittent headlamp fault is no longer intermittent or faulty. The nearside brake light has a brand new soldered lead which looks horrible on the inside but at least lights the lamp effectively. And the windscreen washers finally live up to their name with enthusiasm.

2454.datI am basking in the knowledge that I am finally adept at something vaguely technical, and quietly delighted that the fifth item is something I could never hope to fix solo which means I can’t feel guilty for not trying.

The ageing red Peugeot which has served us well in the last two years will live to fight another year, provided I can get the alternator replaced sometime soon and the final MOT fault is fixed on Monday before a retest. And we’re only 600 miles from 200k. Not bad for an old lady. Whose cambelt seems to be fine. Which was a pleasant surprise.


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