When we moved into Aldridge over a decade ago, the shed in the garden was somewhat rundown. Unable to do much immediately, I simply tacked a tarpaulin over to make it watertight again and the following summer we laid down a new slabbed area for the replacement.

That slabbed area was, as luck would have it, eight by ten feet, even though the new shed was smaller. It’s served us well, but was beginning to show signs of decay and rodents.

Recent events and a career change have necessitated a new shed, and given the options we went for a metal montrosity, eight by ten, delivered by Argos “within ten days” and described by the instructions as requiring six hours for two people to erect.

What larks! The authors must have been beside themselves with laughter when they wrote that. It’s taken two chaps and an enthusiastic pre-teen something like nine hours over two days. Hundreds of screws and strangely similarly shaped pieces of aluminium section arrived in boxes and are now assembled.

The shed is up, it’s (probably) watertight and it’s considerably more resilient than the old one, which you may notice in the pictures had itself been tarpaulined after the brambles attacked the roofing felt and the roof went to holes.


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