Big Adventures. With a Dragon

I suspect it must be a weakness for the obscure which drove me to name my little company notejuste. A pun in a kind of schoolboy French and also completely available as a domain name. How convenient.

So it’s come as no surprise that my latest venture has wandered into similar territory. From this week, I’m working with two partners to launch and maintain a kind of co-branding exercise to support our efforts (solo and joint) by providing a unified publishing house.

It’s not as thought the new brand will actually take or make money, but it’s going to be a convenient place to hang our collective hats. The website is technically live, but waiting for fine tuning. In the meantime the first product is being launched following a successful Kickstarter. I’m delighted to associate my latest invention “60” with Dragon Vert and it’ll come in handy today at the UK Games Expo when explaining who I am and what I do. I’m with the green dragon.


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