UK Games Expo 2016

What a day! My first ever visit to the UK Games Expo at the NEC. It was much larger than I’d anticipated, filled with traders, retailers and gamers trying out new or unpublished games, discussing game design and promoting their wares.

Highlights included:

  • Meeting some of the Thirsty Meeples team in the flesh, and hearing that No Dice (which I sent them recently) is being played and enjoyed in their Oxford store.
  • Buying some game bits and pieces from North and South Games and meeting Dave and Iain.
  • Picking up a copy of Multiversum from the Games from Poland stand. There’s more information on the Board and Dice website.


I have some contacts to follow up, a new game to play and some components to weave into new games. It should be a fun weekend!


4/6/16 Oh, and I forgot to mention in my delirium typing this up last night… it was also great to bump into Push It (who I backed as a Kickstarter), Forlorn Hope Games from whom I buy [all of the] dice, Play with History and Librium both of whom I’ll be looking at in more depth when I catch my breath. Phew!


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