Playing for a Freeman of Walsall

What a night. Thanks to Deb and the Creative Development team from Walsall Council, Barbara Nice, Bruno the magnificent master of tech and kit, and while I think about it, thanks to all those lovely people who asked us when our next gig is, as though we’re a normal band!


Yesterday we had the great pleasure of playing a gig at Walsall’s New Art Gallery. The Silver Thread Tapestry Project was launching its tour, and Walsall Council’s Creative Development Team were celebrating over 25 years of service as their work finally comes to a conclusion.

Noddy Holder was there! We played to Noddy Holder. Well, kind of.


You’re forgiven if you can’t see him. Let’s zoom in a bit…


Ah, yes. There he is.

We had new guest drummer Richard Kirk with us, Nigel, Andrew and Andy. A whole host of familiar faces were in attendance, including Council Leader Sean Coughlan and St Matt’s vicar Jim Trood. Principal celebrity though, was Barbara Nice (talking to Noddy in the picture above) who is a major local celebrity and acted as compere for the evening.


Many thanks to the team for asking us to come and play, and to the venue who…

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