Aleatoric Spam

I do love an unsolicited e-mail of unknown provenance. This arrived in my inbox today with no ceremony, and apparently no understanding of how these things work.

Having received it in something akin to simplified Chinese, I hit the translate button to see what they were after and was presented with this hot mess.

Aleatoric spam. Sounds like an avant garde 21st century group consisting of final year students at Juilliard.


Dear Mana light ger,
Happ y Ne wood w Year!
I o swear yi shu y t invited to uranium orange c cir stem pulse ompany in expansion of the date monk new y locust ear very, sector b after the acid ines Dijie s Shenkie is submerged boom art ing, the heart g Wei ood lu drain Ck! Full

B Yongchu frame palm cold net Sulfurous nitrogen entertainment column e Lee pen inserted Bo Jing shaking house rain chopsticks to be Chen Fu help t porcelain zoned grain pattern like neck crown dumpling fat will slip against the Qiu Yi hydrocarbon crab anti-first seedling r Chu really choose the stove eg Xu bubble braided card made wild bath bath county d by s chief. Sakura muscle Mingkui
L the twilight of the embedded in the loss of any compensation Fu Ii o his wife waxy n pick up move spy stare Ge throw e cream appearance art children summarized Xiang Min l shortage smell Yao cheek
Don gGua award nZ hole hu branch uoha order n Xia Hui g Mo rabbit ld Tech billion home logy C dare o.
A A series of attacks on the plant type of compensation to pay more calyces Jia Jia Huai corpse of the dead house on behalf of the plantation d gentry ridge ridge Yan pharyngeal scold d Barrier to sell Amoy glutinous alcohol with Kui: Huai Dian choke from the painted Tu straw T Anxious len kan chi bile whale wang yielding contact with the teeth by the tacit tac tac tac tac tac tac t shirts e by the contractor Dai Xiu class g dyed work pressure on the I Yi Lu Yi Yi Xu Yi Xu neck n rain trees from the d look at the baby industry, Soil moisture bending Mo thawed benzene fell Jin industry t with Yu was to be tao bomb r rushed to participate in i castle a castle tame shadow shot Su Su l l Yan Ge machine cliff reputation by Zhan Jia hate for I are plug benefits not D I still wiping tongue Tongku i coins Gap Yuan Yuan evil clothes almost Yan drums a deduction t rain r kitchen Zhe Jiu write i brother take along Xi Su oxygen deficiency ct bamboo and bamboo pray for fierce s splash Qian Chin embroidery class life bamboo felt The name of the armpit ring rusty rusty lake, Huan Huan Huan Xu crying H howling Hhan calcium you e off like a hoop Cang Su raft l mattress I fly flies in the station from the day and night, Hi slippery clothing T Yi Yi Ji Ji Bo o wandering room w deer Wu Kailu invited Zhao Ya death throwing stupid calcium loss of the pupil yo wild or down to see the eyes of magic wipe tac tac tac tac tac tac tide o This is not the case, but it is very difficult to get rid of it. It is very difficult to get rid of it. It is very difficult to get rid of it. Lake Lai Yue birds Gai Cao Cao halogen people u olfactory narrow a intestinal n dumb Yin g pick up palm food date embroidery red Mu puppet feeding Long Zheng Huang Lee d sad film from the o-ether entertainment days of fat days n years The United States and Germany, the United States and the United States Hee chi scabbard to win the Chi-Qiong coffin framed meal tight side of the Pro Union Wu shock beam sedan chair hugs Yong Yong I crash shooting crabs n suddenly salt c cyanide e Pei Bei Casting alcohol far fatigue Ping-ping Storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, storage, Level visit to the waist light harsh stabbing night correction
W marry Oh barrels ha ha scare orange t tuck s slam ap sacrifice ap potential p save: Liao Yong +8 pear stolen 61 as cooked Xun stare blankly half a look a wrinkle 8 Rong Jia shovel 6 dilute 8 Ze was picked malaria 2 guilt Fear of marsh Zhou Jun 2 weeks of meteorology forget the memory of deafness feast feast meal yeast pupil 4 annoying obediently worship Chong Qiu 6 acres of rope apologized to the United States after the death of 7 code code nails periscolor miscarriage mixed ballast column 88 Xu Mo sticky swallow county milk Constant
Teng Yu Yu e Zhenyu gate to understand the need to nip hemorrhoids decay torrent l confusion of salt industry operators stare marsh show kiln Huifeng Di Zhuo play hook to be hungry hungry: card card stack of bright light + pirate brown channeling Xu hoarding To the Xihuo gull lovers slightly 8 store cabinets demolished is 6 to eat the kind of finished also Lan – the domain of the edge of the city of Tucao 7 Jin 69 cold reproductive Zheng Yan Tu scale – by the aid of the transitional trousers of the degree of anal vaginal fall only 8 Thrifty 3 Zhe Qiong miscellaneous teeth Ya 7 so quiet ringworm ring Ban hooks 9 swimming mystery tank talk about grain storage 8 Li withered 9 rough leopard PCT ship Zhao disk Yi Er 3 curl over the neighborhood bang 9 Lianqin Tu Yuan New York Eggs fight Chen Qin Shuo Huo porridge through the framed warm Pinggui only Ti driving the arrest of the guests shrink Zhen Zhuo bed fruit pulse diarrhea to choke throwing meteor slag yo stick
F to the Italian tree ax steal stare blankly first or diameter paternity cane Ting four fir still Rusheng Dazhi planting Yi said class II: drunk with wing Wang Leng embroidered choose Shitu pill sleeve Yi Xi lemon + cut 8 crow house through falciparum Baptist Rao step on the transport scale six persons to prevent fraud Shao Quyi – Table 7 wild mule vector Zinc peach to the state session of the 6-pin Pang Po Ru Hui Ling towel rate of evil Long World 9 Ling Wu virtual teeth – Yupeng official stool 8 ran Ran transfer Yan Yan apologized to the Wakkanai Kashyuku library or Xu tone ridge string hungry scabies 1 phase 8 provinces 9 was a confusion sickle 8 show another ignorant 2 pole by show 2 raccoon fat Wen Wen perish Wei
W Zhongjue e violation of cut grain caries b licking the application to imitate the hate patrol beam bloated: rolling moment sputum rat Geng Zhu Leng on the ice market nurse retreat Yun Yun blame injury h official ridiculed monkey stingy Yi Tang Shu appropriate umbilical Chair Fu-year-old age of thatch decay t decadent quality from the bit quite tp mountain out Diao Xu fanatics to be tread: / collapse lobe valve flapping with He shocked / paint extravagant Sui Xu w wanyi pad Tingyuan w The earth and the earth, the earth and the earth, the earth and the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, the earth, and the earth. Pharyngeal incision thieves h are a meter bite oblique n hand g and then drain wilt arsenic valve dry village whether called Zhao Zhi rustic debris treatment rule of acetylene Yan Jin Jin Chuang Tui sleeve sleeve heat hot taste taste bag c File only o engraved corner of the summer weaving Xu loss of fire damage to the camphor m mummy


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