I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again…

Never argue with an idiot.

Dan Slee’s Uncle Keith came up in conversation again this week. He has a message for the social web in terms of straight thinking, does Uncle Keith, and really it’s only one core principle.

To the casual observer, one person arguing with an idiot looks very much like two idiots arguing with each other. Never more so than on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (I mean, why would you?), etc.

As a strategic decision I have therefore muted certain names from my Twitter timeline when I’m working on other things and trying to concentrate. I don’t want to be distracted by celebrities, politicians, celebrity politicians, their activities or recent announcements. I have stuff to do.

On the other hand, I don’t want to disengage with the process of being human and contributing to society. I’m happy to read the news and talk about things in the round (pint glasses are round, for example) but I simply don’t have the patience to scroll past all that stuff on Twitter any more.

Also, there’s a lot of self-propelled angst at the moment and some of it is becoming distinctly playground in tone and approach. I’m not looking at any head of state in particular here, you understand, but one or two might spring to mind.

Engaging with this material isn’t going to help me, whether or not I agree. I certainly won’t change any minds. I don’t have the eloquence and gravitas and it’s not my job to be either arbiter or oracle.

So I give you Dan Slee’s Uncle Keith, and recoomend you heed his words. Hurrah for deciding I have more important things to worry about than correcting someone on the Internet who is wrong.



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