Long Hot Summer

Greetings. Again, apologies for the lack of updates in recent times, but things have been busy and conitue to be busy and frankly there’s not a lot of time to write.

Also, to both of my regular readers (Hi Dad!), some of the events recounted here will be familiar because you may have been there at the time.


We went away to Centerparcs. It was awesome, albeit eye-wateringly expensive in parts. Never been asked to pay over a fiver for a pint of bitter in my life. But it was good to get away with the tribe, my folks and the youngest brother. Cycling, fencing, shooting arrows and bolts, kayaking, swimming, chilling, relaxing, and generally having to cope with living in a woodland idyll.


Lincoln. What a city. We went to see the Magna Carta on permanent display at Lincoln Castle. What we didn’t realise was they were hosting part of the greataer Domesday Book on temporary loan, along with the Charter of the Forest which is contemporary with magna carta and arguably less famous.

But back to the Domesday Book… its leaves are 930 years old, and it’s very well preserved and I can’t read a word of it because it makes no sense to me, but to be in the presence of an object which has seen the rise and fall of entire dynasties of English/British monarchs, the black death, great fire of London, the great exhibition, the steam age, two world wars… it was a unique moment. I never expect to see it again in my lifetime.

It was also the annual Asylum Steampunk Festival, which included a wholesale takeover of the castle grounds and numerous other events throughout the city. I’ve not seen so much corsetry, fine china, moustache wax and leather fashion items in my life. Unlike the Domesday Book, this is a perrennial attraction and one I might be tempted to revisit.

Finally, we visited The Collection Museum. There was an exhibition of historical artefacts including the death warrant of Mary, Queen of Scots, the article of Edward VIII’s abdication, a throne of Victoria, the act of parliament separating Henry VIII’s fifth wife from him so she could be charged with treason and beheaded, numerous original pieces of art and books including the big Tudor Bible listed in contemporary inventories. What a haul! We only had an hour or so but The Collection is a great little venue with a host of other parallel attractions and very close to the castle.

On our next visit we’ll explore the Cathedral, make more of the Victorian prison in the castle grounds and possibly take in some of the recently redeveloped Waterfront.

New Arley

A wonderful night away staying with friends gave us the chance to see New Arley and Old Arley in Warwickshire, and take a gentle hike between the two via a railway crossing point and a field full of completely nonplussed cows. It is utterly beautiful. We also fitted in a trip to Charlecote Park and have invested in National Trust membership for the year. Adventures will no doubt abound!


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