Hope for Sutton Project Launch

I’m some six months (and a bit) late in writing this, but it’s been a busy time.

The Hope for Sutton project, which encompasses a range of activities and initiatives supporting the local community in and around Mere Green launched last October. As part of the celebrations I was delighted to present an original piece of composition recorded and performed by students from three local primary schools. In return for their hard work I decided to keep the recording online for free, so they would have easy access to hear themselves in what is technically a world premiere.

Of course, we made the news to an extent – even the Church Times found an inch in their illustrious columns. But more importantly we were able to draw dozens of people from our local community into a single space to celebrate some of the excellent work that is going on, often based in our church centre.

Have a listen if you like. I’m very impressed with the children and their hard work. Andy Arnold performed with me on the day to accompany the choir. Also, many thanks to local legend Gordon Giltrap who was kind enough to tell me the track was good, and managed to stop me fiddling with every last bit in the pursuit of an imagined perfection. I like it as it is.


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