Check yourself

Today, The Rotary Club of Walsall is holding a Health Awareness Day in conjunction with the NHS and Stroke Association. You can pop in at The Crossing, any time between 10am and 3pm.

Last year local businessman Dave Gill stopped me in the street, and asked me to get checked. Only blood sugar, blood pressure, and BMI.

I received a rather horrible shock, that my blood pressure was much higher than I had thought, I was much heavier than I thought, and I was at elevated risk of stroke and heart attack with strong indications of high blood pressure.

I saw my GP, I began a process of changing myself, and following my diabetes diagnosis earlier this year I am now much light, much fitter, and able to appreciate how big the impact of this one simple health check has been. Of all the dominoes in my recent health history, this is first – the kind words of a chap I know through work and whose Friday was being spent helping others.


The moral of this story is never to underestimate the influence you can have on those around you, nor to overlook an opportunity like this. Go and get a check up.



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