Asgard Rises!

Only days ago I was left bereft with the news that Vince and the wonderful community of gamers that is Asgard were to depart our Town Centre, and their future was deeply uncertain.

Tonight, wonderful news!

Screenshot 2019-05-11 at 20.42.38

Tom Williams, hero of The Bakehouse, late of Goodall St, is teaming up with Vince the original Dwarven Diamond to deliver a new store. I met Vince tonight to talk about things over a pint, and I’m excited to hear some of the plans he has for the store.

If you’ve heard rumours of an axe-throwing alley, let me tell you now he’s unlikely to have space for that in the new place what with all the things he has planned to woo the clientele who have graced his and Tom’s doorsteps in recent years.

This could be epic. It’s certainly going to be big. I’ll be out of nails to bite by the time the doors open, but I might even have developed another game in the intervening months. Hurrah to Vince, Hurrah to Tom, Hurrah to the demigods of finance who have weaved the necessary financial circumstances together, and Hurrah to the continuation of a key community of real value to those who belong to it. Critical Roll gents.

This is something I hope to hear on Offline Gamer by year’s end, and will support heartily. Especially if Marmite Swirls make a return.


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