RSCM – A church music organisation with local interests

Before I became Director of Music at St James, I had already heard of the RSCM – an organisation dedicated to developing and preserving the very best in church music in the UK and overseas.


What I didn’t realise was how interested they are in their local members. Since joining a church where the choir is affiliated to the RSCM, I have taken the opportunity to join the local committee. Along with other musicians, choristers, directors of music, and interested parties from all kinds of churches, we try to make sure the school’s national agenda delivers useful things locally. We have a Facebook page, and a programme of local events, and would like to engage more widely.

It’s not a quick process, but I feel strongly it’s in collaboration and by sharing the sweets we’ll do the greatest good for our members. It’s surprised me how many of my skills from the “day job” in local government are useful here too. For example, my church choir is inviting church musicians from across our deanery (Aston, Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas) to join us at a joint service on May 30th. Using the local committee I can reach out further and make sure everybody who might want to get involved knows the opportunity is there.

I know this is personal blog, and I promise I won’t go on and on about this regularly, but it’s good to tie these things together. I’ve ended up doing a lot of seemingly disparate stuff recently but it’s good to give them all a bit of the limelight!


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