If you have experienced one of my homebrews, you’ll know that it’s something I take great delight in.

From the corner of a room of my house comes the gentle bubbling of mead brewing in glass demijohns, slowly converting the sugars in honey into alcohol.

It’s never for sale, always for general consumption. I don’t think it’s technically medicinal, but it’s powerfully good.

I contribute to a small blog about mead in the Midlands, and I experiment from time to time, with cyser for example.

The other great challenge for amateur brewers is the name. What do you put on the bottle?

I have taken inspiration from the great Terry Pratchett, and named my cyser “Retrophrenology” in honour of the approximate effect of drinking it. My mead generally goes under the name “Days of our Hives” because if there’s one thing a brewer seems to find truly irresistible, it’s bad puns.

If you should want to taste either of these fine concoctions, simply get to know me. Or brew your own. They aren’t complex to get going, but they’re devilish difficult to perfect.


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