Keeping in touch can be difficult. I’m rubbish at it, but I try to do my best. Most of the stuff I’ve done is under my “business name”, notejuste. Type “notejuste” into a search engine, and up I pop. It’s unique enough to still have less than a hundred thousand even tenuous hits.

I can’t cope with a faceless “Contact Form” because I guarantee your query type won’t be in the drop down menu. You can e-mail me, look me up on Twitter (@notejuste) or peruse my bandcamp page.

You could Skype me assuming I am hooked up at the time. My ID is “notejuste”, predictably enough.

I’m also on LinkedIn, if that helps. I’m afraid I don’t “do” Facebook but I have been known to actually turn up and have coffee with people face to face. The personal touch helps on both sides, and the art of conversation can be lacking in a bland exchange of e-mails or status updates.

The whole face to face thing works a lot better the closer you are to Walsall, which is where I live. If you’re in Sydney, Skype is probably your best bet after all. Oh, and remember there’s a little bit of a time difference.


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