Mary and Martha

July 18, 2010

The funny thing is, having read Luke 10:38-42 that I could suddenly see the unfairness of it.
Look closely. It’s Martha who opens her house to Jesus, and so she is rightly concerned with preparations to make him welcome. Mary sits at his feet and listens, and she makes the better choice, but somehow you can see why Martha does her headless chicken act over the preparations.
Look at some of the other folks Jesus eats with. Zaccheus is an appalling man, guilty of corruption and fraud. In fact, it’s more like outright theft.
Jesus picks people to be with because his Dad made them, and he holds the key to their salvation, not because they’re good examples. He takes them as they are but doesn’t shy away from correcting their faults. So he is with all of us, if we have the will to invite him in.

This thought and others generated at the Wired to Worship service at Aldridge Parish Church this evening.