MOT Success

May 10, 2016

As the Blues sing, Keep Right On (to the end of the road). And in my car, the next thing is indicate, turn and carry on into the wide world. Against all expectation it passed its MOT with flying colours yesterday, and I couldn’t be more relieved.

I have an outstanding issue with the alternator to fix up, but I can always save up to get that done next month. The car is certified and back on the road!

Many thanks to Stan Reynolds Garage Ltd who nursed my car through the test and sorted out the brake balance valve problem which failed it last week. I was really impressed with their work and will be returning there in future. It’s a family firm on Mill St, just over the railway from The Butts and about ten minutes stroll from the town centre. Perfect.


Lights, Cambelt, Retest

May 5, 2016

Snatching satisfaction from the jaws of expense, I have tonight worked my way through the five items on the failure list from this morning’s MOT and fixed four of them myself. I have used WD40, a flat bladed screwdriver, more WD40, a 20p coin (retaining pegs on the fascia), a soldering iron, and lashings of WD40.

The offside fog lamp now works. The intermittent headlamp fault is no longer intermittent or faulty. The nearside brake light has a brand new soldered lead which looks horrible on the inside but at least lights the lamp effectively. And the windscreen washers finally live up to their name with enthusiasm.

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My Car

February 20, 2009

My car is a 1997 Toyota Carina E. It’s a great vehicle, and has over 185,000 miles on the clock. However, it’s emissions aren’t enough to pass the annual MOT, so I’m having to scrap it.

So, I’m sitting at a traffic light, thinking over the fate of my car, when a Jeep Cherokee pulls up and the passenger starts a conversation. He’s into racing old bangers. He’ll give me £120 for the car I’m driving. This isn’t my imagination. He’s genuine.

It’s worth about £90 scrap, and there are a few good parts on it for breaking, but he’s going to pay cold hard cash for the car and I’m delighted.

So, what should I buy now? Needs to be a good solid car capable of transporting me and my brood safely over medium distances with little expense. It must also be cheap, as I am a little short in the wallet this decade.

Suggestions on a postcard (or post a comment). Assuming he comes tomorrow and takes the car. If not, I’ll have to scrap it anyway.