Market Forces

February 18, 2017

After my little foray into the Gig Economy, I’m delighted to report I have a booking. What’s astonished me is the ease with which I managed to attract a customer, and how far we were into the discussion before it became apparent he’s in Malaysia! I’m helping to design a game for a chap thousands of miles away and it’s as easy as using a chat room in Facebook or LinkedIn.

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The End. Well, an end of something.

September 27, 2013

I sold my keyboard.

My lovely Roland XP-10.

I’ve had that since I was a teenager. It was my first synth.

It’s gone to Blackpool in the back of a van, picked up this afternoon by a man whose son used Kaoss Pads and so forth to make music of his own. Apparently, he’s only after it for the drum sounds. Allegedly the XP-10 is great because it has TR-808 and TR-909 sounds on board. Its FM synthesis (I think) and slightly ropey arpeggiator are being overshadowed by facsimiles of sounds from a piece of equipment so old and rare examples sell on ebay for THOUSANDS of pounds.

He gave me eighty quid for it.

Such is life. The money is going to be put into a new stage piano that I can use for live gigging. I need to raise a little more, and then I shall have a new shiny piece of keyboard equipment to play with.

But I already miss the XP-10. That was half my lifetime. They were damned fine days.

Selling Up

September 13, 2013

In 1997 I persuaded my Dad to let me spend the inheritance I was due to receive the following year. I blew the lot (not a huge amount, but enough at the time) on a brand new synthesiser. It was a Roland XP-10, and I’ve used it ever since. Read the rest of this entry »