Shouting over the fence.

March 7, 2013

I’m inspired tonight to blog on the subject of arguments.
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Spirit and Truth

September 6, 2009

With the aim of more direct connection between thought and action, I decided to blog on the move when the fancy takes me and allow the post to e-mail its way to the web when I get to my home wi-fi and my phone performs an upload.

Does this make my blogging more authentic?

It certainly allows for a more immediate logging of stuff that occurs to me.

Can I blog truthfully and in the same mood which I had the original thought? Will it maintain the original spirit?

Playing the music in church requires a degree of honesty. People will see right through a brilliant but jaded player eventually. It may be OK to pull off the occasional service when you’re not in the mood, but generally you should be mentally and spiritually up for it.

There is a tangible difference between the services where the musicians are going for truth and honesty of spirit; and where they aren’t so much.

It’s not like a blog. You can’t edit and publish it. It’s live and needs to be treated with that greater a measure of respect.