Gifted and Talented musicians in church.

If we accept that musicians in church are called to the job – that they somehow arrive at church more prepared to play the organ or direct the choir or play the piano or lead the band or whatever than the rest of the congregation, I think it’s important we should look at how these people are different.

No worship leader in any service I remember has had more than the usual number of leg, heads, or eyes. They aren’t physically different to you or I. However, they wield a mighty power – music.

Church musicians generally spend years becoming proficient in their instrument before embarking on the perilous journey to becoming a worship leader. There is at least one specialist college which trains worship musicians for this purpose if they so desire, and many Bible colleges offer direct tuition in how to order sung worship.

The worship musicians (organist, pianist, guitarist, drummer, singer, whatever) are diplaying two important attributes of our creation as humans. These musicians are both gifted and talented.

They are the fortunate (or ordained) recipients of a big bunch of skills which make for a good musician. However, it is because they are gifted that we find out about their music. The gift of musical creation is one not easily overlooked. Once given this gift, a person either performs or does not. If not, they waste the gift. If they perform, the music is out in the world and fit to be used in God’s service.

They are also the fortunate (or ordained) recipients of a bundle of talent. Natural goodness in something from God, written into their very creation in the womb. This is not a gift. It is innate to their being. This is not an add-on which drives the music, it is a central part of themselves.

So, fully paid up worship musicians are gifted and talented – they possess God-given gifts to be able to play effectively and in God’s service. This is a joy and a privilege. They also have a talent for the music – something that screams from within them that they are a musical being. A praising, worshipping, loving musician who has the knack of turning sound into music fit for the worship of God.

And that, I think, it not a bad thing to be at all.


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