Taking Responsibility

It warms my heart to see the media reporting on the public and frankly humiliating moves by an ex-HBOS chief in the light of a recently released report.

He’s given back his title, taken a financial hit and basically made all the right noises.

No, actually, it doesn’t warm my heart at all. I’m a bit sad that this is news. There is something so darkly human about picking over another’s faults in public and then broadcasting your thoughts about it. The man did wrong, and has made concessions in the light of public uproar. Leave it there. Report it and move on.

It’s as bad as the BBC sending an OB team to stand outside a victim’s house to report on proposed and potential changes to the responsibilities placed on dog owners. There was no need to have somebody standing there, adding nothing to the local economy and highlighting the pain of a family who frankly should be left alone.

Back off, folks. We don’t need the visceral close up of tragedy as it unfolds, and endless analysis. We’re not all interested in keeping close tabs on the nuances of events on this little island. Some of us want to hear the news, and understand the facts. We accept you’ll spin it, but pulling at the heartstrings every five minutes won’t help because we’re getting too used to that.

When something truly dramatic comes, you overdub it with needless commentary. Did you really tell us the new Pope was Catholic? Do you have research which helps to inform our opinions on bear toilet habits? You do? That’s nice. Maybe you could do some kind of three dimensional infographic and narrate it?

While it is very nice to see someone taking responsibility for his mistakes (a bit late, and with way too much emphasis on coverage and publicity) maybe you too could take some responsibility for what you show us and how you go about it?


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