Wooden Car (Wooden Go)

I spotted yesterday that a couple of tyres on my car needed replacing. Two new front tyres, £100 or thereabouts. They’re decent quality, and more importantly will ensure we don’t have a blowout on the motorway. It was worth the expense and inconvenience of extending my lunch hour and getting the job done.

So having parted with a small but serious wedge of cash, I got in my car to come back to work and it wouldn’t start. The battery needed replacing too. The garage told me it was beyond redemption, so I kept it in case that solar panel / battery / 12V radio in the shed idea ever comes off. That’s another 50 quid I didn’t really have lying around.

The front brake discs need looking at in a couple of thousand miles as well. That’s next month’s unpredictable expense, I suspect.

In other news, the rest of my day followed that general pattern of joy and happiness. Roll on the long weekend!


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