Songs of Rest

Tonight I had the best fun you can have with a trombone. I made music! Technically, since it was with an orchestra, it was the second best fun you can have with a trombone. The best thing you can do with a trombone for fun is this.

Walsall Symphony Orchestra held an open rehearsal at Forest Arts Centre and I was lucky enough to find myself playing with a bunch of keen amateur musicians making really rather decent sounds.

The standing joke with any brass section is that you only play the loud bits. Very true in certain pieces, but I’ve missed counting 18 bars’ rest, and the other brass players were of good cheer and in the same boat.

Gustav Holst might not write easy music, but he surely writes interesting music, and I played some.

I’m not signing up for anything else new. I can’t commit the time and energy right now, and I had to borrow my son’s trombone to be able to play. But the sheer fun of it took me back two decades and if it might do the same for you, I’d recommend you do it. With a few weeks of practice I reckon I could be Grade V again. The sky’s the limit.


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