Filth! (Toilet Humour)

There is no way to describe what I went through last night without it sounding filthy, but here goes.

Not long ago, Jon Bowyer helped us out in a professional capacity by fitting a toilet. In order to fit it, he used a flexible pipe to connect the waste from the pan to the outlet which already existed.

I phoned him late yesterday afternoon to explain that where this flexible hose met the waste pipe, there was something of a piddly puddle. Every flush brought a trickle from the joint onto the floor.

Instant over the phone diagnosis was that the pipes weren’t perfectly sealed together. Over the end of the flexi-hose is a rubber sleeve with ridges to help hold it in place when inserted into the waste pipe. John surmised that the ridges may have been loosened and the pipe dislodged.

Not wishing to pay for anything if I can help it, I confidently predicted I could check and remedy this and if I failed, I’d give him a call back.

On closer inspection, the flexi-hose wasn’t just shifting, it was loose! The rubber sheath had slipped off inside, and was no longer holding the end of the hose in. When the hose had worked a little loose and been pushed back in, it had begun the process of shifting the sleeve. Repeated insertion into the waste pipe and loosening over a period had rendered the end of the hose sleeve-less and hence completely loose.

Reaching into the waste pipe, avoiding what can only be described as dollops of waste, I retrieved the sleeve, put it all back together and taped the joint shut temporarily to ensure it won’t move any further.

After all that filth, I needed to wash my hands twice to remove the smell, but it appears to be holding for now.


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