I just bought a towbar for my aging Peugeot 306. It’s a lovely motor, but too small to take all our gear camping this summer.

My towbar lying on the ground, looking forlorn.

Little did I realise the faff involved…

It arrived yesterday, and this morning I unwrapped it. It’s second hand because I’m fairly skint, and for the same reason I was hoping to fit it myself.

Cue trying to find out where to buy kits from to fit towbars. You can’t, apparently. Witter towbars’ website is big on selling me three hundred quid’s worth of bespoke speedy fitting by a professional, but very small on replacement parts.

Add to this the bolts in the bar I can’t seem to figure out because I’d need to fit a different bumper. Then there’s the whole messy business of dealing with the underside of a car which has been on the road for 14 years without so much as a wipe.

To be honest, I might just go and have another coffee and a little cry and call everyone in the Yellow Pages until somebody takes pity…

… some time later…

Chris B (@thestymaster) sent me a message telling me to check the Witter website for the manual. I typed the part number in, and voila, a Fitting Sheet with parts list and bolt specs and torque settings:

Fitting Instructions for a Witter PG23A

So now I know what I’m missing (items E and F) and I am able to ID everything else. Some of the bolts are looking worse for wear, but I know a company that does automotive components, and they have their own component cleaning capability. Who knows, with a little luck and a following wind, I might be able to actually do this!

*Ahem* Thanks Chris.


One Response to Whoa!-bar

  1. stymaster says:

    No worries. If you need new bolts, Cavalier fasteners on Westgate are good IME.

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