A Proper Job!

Exactly one month to the day since I left my previous job, I have a new one, full time doing regular office hours.

I started on Monday as a receptionist and data wrangler at a Children’s Centre in Walsall. I love working with the team based there – Early Years workers, Family Support, management, and everyone else.

We all have to wear a number of hats, and I’ve yet to find out what little extras will be added on but frankly I can’t wait. It’s such a good feeling to be supporting a team that serves a community rather than working for a money-oriented bloke who lacks people management skills. Even though I’ve left, I’m still uneasy identifying the guy without giving him the right of reply. Suffice it to say the phrase which springs to mind is “Darth Vader School of Management.”

Anyway, back to the new role. My placement is still through an agency, and it’s fixed term for the moment, but I have a proper job. It’s a very pleasing development and means I was out of work for only a fortnight, and on temp assignments for a further two weeks. Given the current state of the employment market I’m aware of the remarkably quick turnaround that has resulted and I’m grateful for it.


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