Psalm 150 – and why the guitar is an instrument of truth.

Have you read Psalm 150? It’s a bit of the Bible which is quite short and to the point, but also very clear on a single issue.

Praise God. Praise him with music, and dancing.

I can’t dance.

But I can play instruments, and I’m leading the band at church on Sunday, so here’s the deal. I need a trumpet, a harp, a lyre, tambourine, strings, pipe, and clashing cymbals. Or put another way, a horn section, a piano, a guitar (*), percussionist, string section, woodwind and drummer.

Where am I going with this? I’m going here:

If you go to Aldridge Parish Church, and were planning on coming along Sunday morning, and if you play an instrument (Grade 3 or above, because I use sharps and flats and all sorts in my music) and if you fancy giving Psalm 150 a go literally, let me know before 17:00 on Friday and you can come along and sit in for a couple of hymns. The deal is I’ll e-mail out music sometime Saturday morning, and you need to be at church 9:00am Sunday to set up, warm up and tune up. Do you play harmonica? I’ll give you the keys. Do you play accordion? I’m not sure which buttons to press, but I’ll tell you if it sounds right. Trombonists, get into position. Woodwind players, if you’ve got it, flautist.

Very small people, get your grown ups to let you bring instruments of the shaking and rattling variety – you’re the percussion section. If you bring something with a beater, beat only the instrument and absolutely not anybody in range. Better still, leave the beater and instrument at home and have someone put a bit of rice in a film canister and tape it shut for you.

In praise of Almighty God, and somewhat in the spirit of Top Gear, we’re doing the improbable for no other reason than it looks like a good idea from this end. Well, how hard could it be?

* The guitar is an instrument of truth. Although it is physically similar in some regards, nobody can call it a lyre.


2 Responses to Psalm 150 – and why the guitar is an instrument of truth.

  1. You’ve probably noticed that between the title and first verse, many psalms include a worship reference. David suggested that the director of music accompany Psalm 4 with stringed instruments and Psalm 5 with flutes.

  2. Dad says:

    Groan! Your grandfathers would be proud. Actually, last week at Tynings we got the reserves & kids out to play as well, rattled keys, …

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